What are the different features Black Ops 2 zombies?

What are the different features Black Ops 2 zombies?



Black ops 2 zombies are the latest offering from the house of CALL OF DUTY, the high end gaming franchise. The makers are claiming it to be the biggest gaming experience till date. Being conceptualized as Nazi Zombies it returned with its sequel Black ops 2 zombies due to its immense popularity among gamers.


If you are new to the Zombies, the Zombies Starter Guide can be a great help to give you a cue. Before you start playing you must get acquainted with the following

  • Creatures: The game offers more than just zombies. Zombie, Denizen, Brutus, Ghosts are some of the usual creatures you can get. Hellhound, Creepy Crawlers, Avogadro etc are some round based creatures available.
  • Zombie Weapons: You can buy weapons from walls with chalk outlines on them. You should place your avatar next to them to check if you have sufficient points needed to purchase. The list of weapons available is a very long one.
  • Pack a Punch Machine: This machine is used to upgrade the already owned weapons. This is useful when the zombies and other creatures become difficult to kill.
  • Mystery Box: This is a long rectangular wooden box with “?-mark” on it containing random weapons. The box’s location is given out by a blue light in the sky.
  • Power-ups: When you succeed in killing a zombie or hell-hound you are rewarded by these power-ups which appear as golden and send off a greenish glow once obtained. They have to be collected before a stipulated amount of time after which they will vanish.
  • Perk-a-Colas: This is a form of power-up in the form of drinkable colas. But you can buy only 4 colas at a time. These are obtained from vending machines placed randomly or at particular locations in a map.

Zombie Maps

There are currently four maps available for playing the Black ops 2 zombies. They are: Nuke town Zombies, Green Run (Bus Depot, Town and Farm) and Die Rise.

Final Verdict

All gamers should try out this high voltage game at least once. Black ops 2 hack are a gamers dream and should not be missed at any cost.