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  • How to play GTA 5 with some simple steps?

    What is GTA 5?


    GTA 5 stands for Grand Theft Auto, which is a popular video game of the series Grand Theft Auto. This game was published by Rockstar games in the year of 2013. This action adventure game can be played in the windows, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. These series was developed by Rockstar North.

    How many modes of GTA 5

    GTA 5 has got two modes. First one is single player or the offline mode and the other is multiplayer or online mode. Learn how to play GTA 5 by the flowing few simple steps.

    How to play GTA 5

    • Firstly, when you open the game you will find your character. There will series of tutorial statements appearing on your screen, go through them if you are new in this series. The instruction will pop up automatically and will teach you how to control walking, running, shooting, driving and others.
    • There is a new twist of switching of characters in GTA 5. You can do it whenever you want to.
    • There are three persons in GTA 5, Michel, Franklin and Trevor with different abilities. You can choose them for solving different cases. Michel is worthy, when it comes to shooting, while Franklin is noble in driving and Trevor can fly aircrafts.
    • Another attractive thing, is that you can give a makeover to your characters, by buying new cloths, accessories, new hairstyle and many more.
    • You can also give a new look to cars and motorcycles.
    • Learn to drive carefully because there will be huge penalty if you go wrong. Another thing new to GTA 5, is it has got a huge area, so the game will be easy if you get acquainted with the map as fast as possible.
    • One of the cool feature of GTA 5 is use of mobile phone, you can also access internet, which will help you to proceed in the game
    • It is advised that, before you go the primary mission, complete the side missions.
    • You need to upgrade your arms, vehicles for harder levels, but spent wisely, because to complete the last level you need a lot of savings. Also you can unlock gta v game with gta 5 money glitch tool . Read more in our blog http://livegtamods.com/