Sledgehammer Games, the creator of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games, the creator of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, is responsible for bringing various types of improvements on the game.


Call of Duty: Ghosts was not as well received as other games in the series when it was launched last year. The campaigns and story mode are not interesting to capture the attention of the players. The new multiplayer design, which, replaced the original design, features lousy game play mode and difficulty to use modes. Sledgehammer wants to make players forget about the incident that occur during the release of the first full Call of Duty game by introducing the Advanced Warfare.

Sledgehammer showed that it is able to meet players’ demand. The Advanced Warfare game now offers a wide selection of campaigns that are properly paced as well as constant updates to the Call of Duty game including basic mechanics and progression system to wipe out the bad experiences with Ghosts.

Improvements on Advanced Warfare centers around the exo suit

Sledgehammer hasn’t deviate from the basic formula in Call of Duty games for Advanced Warfare hack, through the introduction of semi military force and very advanced technology. It is still that first person shooter game, you used to play where you will have to hide and pull the left trigger to shoot the enemies on the right. It features one of the best gameplay mechanics. The gunfight in Advanced Warfare is smooth and responsive, which can be testified by anyone who have played the shooter game from the time it was first launched in 2005.

The improvements on the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are especially on the Exo suit, an exoskeletal support system for addressing the general issues for soldiers in Sledgehammer near future setting. The exo-suit increase the mobile features to the standard tool set, with features varying in different levels depending on the circumstances. The majority of the exos give players the ability to perform double jump apart from allow players to gain considerable boost to the left, right or backward.

These features made the navigation much more fun in Advanced Warfare compared to the previous edition or other similar game groups. The exo-conceit enables Sledgehammer to increase the variety of the single player campaign format The stealth mode and drone sequence features in the AC-130 mission set this version apart from the original Modern Warfare.

Advanced Warfare is the game in the COD series with the best campaigns and missions selection, given the first edition of Modern Warfare game is launched in 2007. There is no confusing objective and the challenges in the Hardened difficulty are not that easy. There are enough challenges in the difficulty levels to make you feel that it is worthwhile to play the game.