Overview of the Membership Account Systems at Agar.io and the Game Levels

Hi everyone.
This day is a wonderful day for Agar.io. Agar.io has introduced a new account system. Players can now login in their Facebook accounts and play with the game by level. The developer, Zeach must have been busy day and night on developing the game. This is because they are also making the game mobile compatible with iPhone and Android. Not sure about this? This is real and going to happen soon.

Introduction of Membership Account Systems at Agar.io

We have said enough, now is the time we discuss about other features in the game. To play the Agar.io game, you must first type in agar.io in the web browser. You will see the traditional Play button as well as two buttons including Play as guest or Login and Play. The Play as guest button is similar to the traditional Play button. Clicking on the Login and play button will prompt the Facebook Connect dialog that prompt you to login into your Facebook. You can start playing the Agar.io game as soon as you login.

If you hover your mouse over the Login and Play button, you will see an infotip that ask you to begin the game with more mass and get even more mask as you progress to higher levels.

Different Levels in Agar.io

The feature allows players to begin the game with a large number of mass and get even more mass as they progress to higher levels. Because Zeach has made this feature possible, players will surely want to play the game for longer time.

The screenshot at the bottom show how is it like when a player login into their accounts. I began playing Agar.io in order to test out this new feature and I managed to accumulate some points when I reach the sixth level. I plan to begin the game with larger mass next time.

Impact of the Account System on AgarMods
We discussed about Agar Mods in another article. The browser extension makes multiplayer mode possible by allowing you and your friends to play the Agar.io game. The introduction of the account system has direct impact on the AgarMods extension. I feel that it is not right for them to obligate everyone to have an account in order to use the extension as they should only restrict the requirement of account login in the official Agar.io website.

Complaints about Facebook Connect
Some players on the Agar.io forums complained about the Facebook Connect plugin. They feel that it is not fair that they must have a Facebook account before they can play the Agar.io. They prefer to just register for a new account in a simple registration form. This was up to the developer and I kind of agree to them setting up the Facebook Connect feature. This is because many people own a Facebook account and it only takes a few seconds to login into your Facebook account.

I have been telling everyone I know about the new features that are recently introduced in the game. Have fun playing the game. Please let us know what you think about the account login feature and the new level systems in Agar.io. What is your view on this? Do you enjoy this feature. Please post your feedback in the comment box at the bottom.