GTA 5 game: the game about your latest adventures in San Andreas


The GTA 5 game is essentially an open world game which combines lots of adventure and action into its storyline and gameplay. The game has been developed and brought out by Rockstar Games. It is available to be played in Xbox and PlayStation. The game is based in the fictional city of San Andreas. It is a single player game and traces the story of three criminals who take part in heists. The game is of open world type and as a player; you can roam the city of Los Santos as well. San Andreas is based on California whereas Los Santos is a spoof of Los Angeles.


In this Grant Theft Auto game, a multiplayer mode is present which allows at a time 30 players to engage in either competitive or competitive type of gameplay and navigate through the world of the game. The development of the GTA 5  hack started soon after the release of GTA 4 cheat tool.

Inspiration was drawn from various previous games, the development team even scanned and roamed through the streets of California to get better footages for the betterment of the game. An original sound track has also been composed for the game by a team who has struck together for many years. This game has become one of the fastest selling video game of all times, breaking all other previous records.

In the game

The GTA 5 game can be played either from a first person or third person point of view. The world of San Andreas can be explored either on foot or on vehicles. The players involved in the game can switch between the three lead characters in between missions as well as outside them.

Generally the game is based on the different heists that would be carried out by the characters. You as a player will need to be involved in shooting as well as driving sequences as a part of the missions. If you commit a crime, then inevitable you will catch the attention of the law enforcers and will face the heat of the agency.