• gta 5 online money hack

    GTA 5 Money Tool

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  • Make life easier with an online gta 5 generator

    Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has broken through all records set previously by any other video game. And although the game is tons of fun, it can take quite a lot of time to unlock all the available accessories in the game. This can be a fun chore for completion, but for all the casual gamers out there, why grind through the game when you can just get an online gta 5 generator.


    How it works

    Buying anything in GTA 5 requires in-game currency in the form of money. There are tons of ways of earning money in the world of GTA 5, and most of them are fun, but reaching the sky-high prices of some of the coolest accessories in the game can take a lot of time. That is where the online gta 5 hack tool  generator comes into play.

    Basically it is software that is embedded into a webpage, which means you don’t have to download anything. It asks you for some information after which it can generate the required amount of money and reputation points in-game.

    Where to get them

    There are tons of websites out there dedicated to providing extra money and reputation points for anyone who is interested in the deal. Playing the game in a normal fashion is always fun, but there comes a time when you just can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again anymore.

    That is exactly why there are people who make such programs which can get you all the things that you want without having to go through the grind fest. You will easily find such websites scattered all over the internet, all of which are just a Google search away.

    So, this was a brief summary of how an online gta 5 generator works. As you can see, it is pretty convenient software to use and it makes your overall experience of playing GTA 5 a lot better. If you feel like it, you can download it anytime you like and play your game the way you want to.

  • How to play GTA 5 with some simple steps?

    What is GTA 5?


    GTA 5 stands for Grand Theft Auto, which is a popular video game of the series Grand Theft Auto. This game was published by Rockstar games in the year of 2013. This action adventure game can be played in the windows, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. These series was developed by Rockstar North.

    How many modes of GTA 5

    GTA 5 has got two modes. First one is single player or the offline mode and the other is multiplayer or online mode. Learn how to play GTA 5 by the flowing few simple steps.

    How to play GTA 5

    • Firstly, when you open the game you will find your character. There will series of tutorial statements appearing on your screen, go through them if you are new in this series. The instruction will pop up automatically and will teach you how to control walking, running, shooting, driving and others.
    • There is a new twist of switching of characters in GTA 5. You can do it whenever you want to.
    • There are three persons in GTA 5, Michel, Franklin and Trevor with different abilities. You can choose them for solving different cases. Michel is worthy, when it comes to shooting, while Franklin is noble in driving and Trevor can fly aircrafts.
    • Another attractive thing, is that you can give a makeover to your characters, by buying new cloths, accessories, new hairstyle and many more.
    • You can also give a new look to cars and motorcycles.
    • Learn to drive carefully because there will be huge penalty if you go wrong. Another thing new to GTA 5, is it has got a huge area, so the game will be easy if you get acquainted with the map as fast as possible.
    • One of the cool feature of GTA 5 is use of mobile phone, you can also access internet, which will help you to proceed in the game
    • It is advised that, before you go the primary mission, complete the side missions.
    • You need to upgrade your arms, vehicles for harder levels, but spent wisely, because to complete the last level you need a lot of savings. Also you can unlock gta v game with gta 5 money glitch tool . Read more in our blog http://livegtamods.com/

  • GTA 5 game: the game about your latest adventures in San Andreas


    The GTA 5 game is essentially an open world game which combines lots of adventure and action into its storyline and gameplay. The game has been developed and brought out by Rockstar Games. It is available to be played in Xbox and PlayStation. The game is based in the fictional city of San Andreas. It is a single player game and traces the story of three criminals who take part in heists. The game is of open world type and as a player; you can roam the city of Los Santos as well. San Andreas is based on California whereas Los Santos is a spoof of Los Angeles.


    In this Grant Theft Auto game, a multiplayer mode is present which allows at a time 30 players to engage in either competitive or competitive type of gameplay and navigate through the world of the game. The development of the GTA 5  hack started soon after the release of GTA 4 cheat tool.

    Inspiration was drawn from various previous games, the development team even scanned and roamed through the streets of California to get better footages for the betterment of the game. An original sound track has also been composed for the game by a team who has struck together for many years. This game has become one of the fastest selling video game of all times, breaking all other previous records.

    In the game

    The GTA 5 game can be played either from a first person or third person point of view. The world of San Andreas can be explored either on foot or on vehicles. The players involved in the game can switch between the three lead characters in between missions as well as outside them.

    Generally the game is based on the different heists that would be carried out by the characters. You as a player will need to be involved in shooting as well as driving sequences as a part of the missions. If you commit a crime, then inevitable you will catch the attention of the law enforcers and will face the heat of the agency.

  • What are the different features Black Ops 2 zombies?

    What are the different features Black Ops 2 zombies?



    Black ops 2 zombies are the latest offering from the house of CALL OF DUTY, the high end gaming franchise. The makers are claiming it to be the biggest gaming experience till date. Being conceptualized as Nazi Zombies it returned with its sequel Black ops 2 zombies due to its immense popularity among gamers.


    If you are new to the Zombies, the Zombies Starter Guide can be a great help to give you a cue. Before you start playing you must get acquainted with the following

    • Creatures: The game offers more than just zombies. Zombie, Denizen, Brutus, Ghosts are some of the usual creatures you can get. Hellhound, Creepy Crawlers, Avogadro etc are some round based creatures available.
    • Zombie Weapons: You can buy weapons from walls with chalk outlines on them. You should place your avatar next to them to check if you have sufficient points needed to purchase. The list of weapons available is a very long one.
    • Pack a Punch Machine: This machine is used to upgrade the already owned weapons. This is useful when the zombies and other creatures become difficult to kill.
    • Mystery Box: This is a long rectangular wooden box with “?-mark” on it containing random weapons. The box’s location is given out by a blue light in the sky.
    • Power-ups: When you succeed in killing a zombie or hell-hound you are rewarded by these power-ups which appear as golden and send off a greenish glow once obtained. They have to be collected before a stipulated amount of time after which they will vanish.
    • Perk-a-Colas: This is a form of power-up in the form of drinkable colas. But you can buy only 4 colas at a time. These are obtained from vending machines placed randomly or at particular locations in a map.

    Zombie Maps

    There are currently four maps available for playing the Black ops 2 zombies. They are: Nuke town Zombies, Green Run (Bus Depot, Town and Farm) and Die Rise.

    Final Verdict

    All gamers should try out this high voltage game at least once. Black ops 2 hack are a gamers dream and should not be missed at any cost.